Blockware Intelligence report suggests Bitcoin adoption will reach 10% by 2030

Avatar James Lochner 2 years ago

According to a report by Blockware Intelligence, the adopt of Bitcoin could be produced faster than that of previous innovative technologies, such as cars and electric power. And, global adoption is likely to reach 10% by 2030.

In its report on Wednesday, Blockware Intelligence said it arrived at this forecast by examining the historical adoption curves of nine previous innovative technologies, such as cars, electric power, smartphones, the Internet and social networks. Along with the growth rate of bitcoin adoption since 2009.

“All disruptive technologies follow a similar exponential S-curve pattern, but new network-based technologies are still being adopted much faster than the market expects.”

Using the weighted average of the historical technology adoption curves. As well as the growth rate of bitcoin adoption, the Blockware Intelligence report was able to come up with its prediction.

Swedish central bankers criticize Bitcoin mining

Report share by the Swedish central bank argues that Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency mining, which consumes a lot of energy, should be banned.

The Swedish central bank, known as the Riksbank, is the oldest central bank in the world. In a damning report titled “Cryptocurrencies and their impact on financial stability,” the bank lashed out at PoW cryptocurrency mining. PoW mining employs data centers that consume energy and solve puzzles to secure the blockchain. The report said:

“Recently, some crypto-asset mining has been established in the north of Sweden, where as much electricity is consumed as 200,000 households a year.”

The report is not a surprise, given that banks and governments regularly attack the energy use of the PoW protocol. The report also takes on the adoption of Bitcoin in Sweden. Home to a number of Bitcoin startups, Sweden is advanced in terms of Bitcoin adoption in Europe.

Mastercard now allows cardholders to buy NFTs on various marketplaces

NFT transactions took another step into the mainstream when payment giant Mastercard (MA) say on Thursday that its cardholders can now purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on various marketplaces without needing to purchase cryptocurrencies first.

Mastercard is working with NFT scaling platform Immutable X, Candy Digital, The Sandbox, Mintable, Spring, Nifty Gateway and Web infrastructure provider 3 MoonPay on the new capabilities. According to the press release.

“With 2.9 billion Mastercard cards worldwide, this change could have a huge impact on the NFT ecosystem.” According to Raj Dhamodharan, executive vice president of digital assets and blockchain products and partnerships at Mastercard.

The payments company also said it would focus on customer security. As well as in the protection of user data during the entire process of purchasing an NFT.

Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z collaborate on a Bitcoin educational program in Brooklyn

Legendary New York hip-hop artist and producer Jay-Z has joined forces with Cash App founder Jack Dorsey to launch “The Bitcoin Academy.” A program educational that defends the democratic vision that “education is power”.

Available exclusively to residents of the Marcy Project public housing complex in New York City, the program will begin on June 22 and run until September 7 with both in-person and online attendance options. The free educational program is designed to improve access to financial information and promote opportunities for inclusion.

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