NFT tokens are one of the fastest emerging currencies, which have outweighed the already existing cryptocurrencies from 2017. There are many questions that can be raised when it comes to the NFT arts, but gaming is the valuable platform where NFT can score its best. NFT gaming has been the hot topic of recent times due to the recently launched NFT crypto tokens that can be used by gamers in the blockchain platform to purchase in-game assets and sell them to fantastic value. It is an autonomous tangible value that allows gamers to monetize their game time. The value of NFT ranked over 1.2 billion in sales in July 2021, and in the last few months, the volume of dApp users has increased by 23.24%, making NFT’s one of the sustainable currencies to opt to. In the gaming universe, in-game inventory collections have always held an excellent value among ardent gamers, but it provides no value outside the game. That’s where NFT games come into the picture, providing a great deal to the items that gamers purchase in-game using blockchain technology and NFT tokens. The blockchain technology behind the NFT tokens provides a significant value where the in-game accessories not only hold value in the game but also hold a considerable market value when sold. 


Unlike the other NFT tokens that are now available in the market, Citrus tokens hold great value not only to gamers but also to users who contribute to the development of blockchain technology. Citrus token holders will benefit from the token value in the market and have their say on the new strategies established in Citrus tech. Citrus token holders will also be granted with other perks such as in-game perks, early game access, and much more. The users are delighted with the token as the token not only contributes to their growth but also accelerates the transformation of gaming in the blockchain universe through the next-gen DeFi systems, NFT’s, advanced dApps, and more. Avanik Vekariya, the founder of Citrus, believes that Citrus tokens should not be limited to early adaptors and a few segments of the industry.


 “ We believe in the sole purpose of making people understand and educate them about the values of Citrus tokens,” says Avanik Vekariya when quizzed him about the people’s speculation on Citrus tokens. Also, Avanik Vekariya adds that Citrus’s focus is directed towards building a reliable ecosystem of products and services that enable gamers to leverage blockchain technologies and the crypto marketplace. Citrus’s principles and its inherited values have brought forth a community of people that lead the platform towards creating an ecosystem that is shared by the economy where everyone has the right to participate in the global growth leveraging the instruments provided by Citrus. Citrus also takes the initiative of rewarding every gamer that uses their token and invests in a game, ultimately profiting both the gamer and the technology behind it. The founder of Citrus, Avanik Vekariya says, “ We want our customers and gamers to understand the level of contributions from their side towards the revolution of blockchain gaming.


 Each of the investments helps us to create more futuristic projects and ideas that help in the growth of technologically advancing the gaming platform.” He also says that due to the contribution of gamers and users in Citrus tokens, they will soon be able to launch decentralized games, social media apps, and their own efficient blockchain technologies that help provide a vast amount of opportunities to gamers and game developers around the globe. Avanik Vekariya also believes that there are countless opportunities in the blockchain technology realm that are untouched, and soon these will come into existence with the support of millions that are to be enrolled in the blockchain unit. Another exciting feature of Citrus is that every few hours, they launch a plan that combines with another platform to enrich the values of Citrus token users by benefiting them with knowledge on the global market and listings. For every one of these rounds, lucky users will be awarded airdrops. This makes the whole process even more enjoyable.